Video Advertising Services

YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine with 1.3 billion users, and video advertising is
the most dynamic and memorable form available. With an audience more engaged than
television, far more precise targeting, and real-time performance insight, video advertising
is now an accessible and impactful part of the digital marketing mix.


After YouTube, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are the largest distributors of digital video content.
Video advertising for social can repurpose existing video ad assets to create strong brand connections with a highly targeted audience. TAVO will design a comprehensive plan for a fully trackable awareness power play that won’t cost TV money, and reach a measurably larger audience, plus residuals.
Pretty cool, right?
We think so too

What We Do?

Video Remarketing

Reach your current prospects with engaging video ads for education and mindshare improvement.

Interest & Keyword Targeting

Behavioral and search data combine to zero in on the videos your target market watches for new placement discoveries.

Brand Lift Data

Use YouTube’s unbeatable reach and user engagement to understand the true impact of video ads on brand recall and sentiment.

Channel Placements

We research the videos and channels your market watches to match your message to video content.

Shoppable Youtube

Turn your product feed into actionable, ROI-driven ads positioned against product-specific video.

Facebook Ads

Drive awareness and guide customers and prospects through the purchase funnel with powerful Facebook video ads.

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