Display Advertising

Display advertising that is trackable, transparent, and has measurable impact on
brand awareness and direct response. TAVO doesn’t offer any management service
where we can’t provide tangible, data-focused planning and outcomes. Besides,
a business can’t advertise in text alone.


  1. Set campaign goals: Successful ad campaigns rely on a sound, multi-layered strategy, and this strategy consists of precise goals that a brand aims to achieve.
  2. Reach out to your audience: create a strategy that focuses on reaching your perfect audience.
  3. Choose the right tools for campaign execution: TAVO’s media team researches your media buying options and choose the one closest to your established goals.
  4. Create compelling banner ads: TAVO’s creative team designs ads intended to engage with your target audience.
  5. Optimize your landing page: To ensure consistency and continuity of the banners and the landing pages, we ensure that the claim/promise in the display ads immediately appear on the landing page for continuity.

What We Do?

Remarketing Campaigns

Matching the right message to a specific audience at the perfect time takes deep analysis and an immersion in your business.

Site Placement Optimization

Out of the millions of content sites on the web, we find the ones that perform best for your ads.

Custom Audience

CRM data and email address-level targeting deliver memorable ads to the most interested audiences.

Behavioral Targeting

Consumer and B2B web behavior and interest targeting have never been sharper for expanding your brand presence.

Programmatic Display

Real-time bidding using the most comprehensive consumer data and reach available in advertising.

Reporting Integration

We track your performance and awareness display ad impact to give you a clear picture of the value of your investment.

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