Social Media Marketing

With social advertising now a permanent contributing factor in digital marketing,
mastering the complex journey to acquire customers is required to compete.
Creative Span prides itself on innovating in multi-channel best practices,
leveraging leading technology, experience, and our culture of tireless pursuit for
our clients to beat a path for you to the cutting edge. Welcome to the future.


Audience Targeting

We leverage Facebook’s powerful consumer data and lookalike modeling to find your ideal next customers.


In addition to closing previous visitors and custom audiences, social ads are uniquely suited to re-engaging past and current customers.

Lead Ads

Especially on mobile, the right offer and a quick contact info capture is the key to B2B success on social channels

Ad Copy & Testing

We turn your industry expertise into meaningful messaging to your audience and test to find the best.

Bid Management

Whether manual or bleeding-edge algorithmic strategies, we apply the best approach to achieve your goals for a given segment.

Dynamic Product Ads

The ecommerce shopping journey continues onto social platforms after consumers have expressed interested in your products.

Social Sandboxes We Work With

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